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最多 20 名学生。每节课时长 60 分钟。此外,可以在下面找到可下载的艺术工作表和其他材料。

Which Chores Are Right

for Children?

Thinking it is too early to start giving your child chores? Nope, chores can be a great way to learn new skills and practice old ones.

Doing the Dishes
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It's Time for an Evening Routine.

As schedules get busier and children take on more responsibilities, your kids may be feeling more anxious or burnt out in the evenings. Help them feel energized and empowered by structuring your evenings with a routine.

Egg Hunting
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Time to Hit the Books!

Children will start learning how to read once they begin school. Give your child's reading skills a boost with books!

Reading a Book
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可下载 床单

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