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Harmony of Hearts Art Exhibition

The "Harmony of Hearts-Polaris Art Exhibition" welcomes all K-12 students in our community. We believe that their participation will enrich the exhibition and contribute to the celebration of diverse artistic talents.


Artists submit: September 1, 2023 - January 31, 2024

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2024

Online Gallery: February 20 to March 15, 2024
Pre-Exhibition: March 18 to April 12, 2024, at the Community Center
Judges Event: March 30, 2024, in the Big Horn Room

Exhibition on 3rd RC Community Arts Festival: April 20, 2024

Award ceremony: April 20, 2024 ( RC Community Arts Festival)

Silent auction: April 20, 2024 ( RC Community Arts Festival)

Location: Victoria Gardens Cultural Center, Rancho Cucamonga

Elementary Division (K-5th grade) Awards: 1st-3rd place 

Middle School Division (6th-8th grade) Awards: 1st-3rd place 

High School Division (9th-12th grade) Awards: 1st-3rd place 

Award winners will receive a certificate and gift cards:
1st Place - $300 

2nd Place - $150 

3rd Place - $50

Contact us at 909. 975 1588 (text) or

Artwork Submission Instructions for the Harmony of Hearts Art Exhibition

Step1: Familiarize Yourself with the Exhibition Theme

The theme for this year's exhibition is "Harmony of Hearts." Your artwork should resonate with this theme, reflecting unity, love, connection, and harmony. All artworks must be original creations of the participants.

Step2: Prepare Your Artwork

Ensure your piece is complete, well-finished, and adheres to the size and medium constraints specified in the exhibition guidelines.

The type of art medium used: Oil painting, Watercolor pastel painting, Acrylic painting, Spray painting, Ink wash painting or literati painting, Hot wax painting or encaustic painting, Digital art, Sculpture, Pottery. The size of the artwork(height *width *depth) 
Paintings must not exceed 18" by 24". Sculptures and three-dimensional installations are measured by height, width, and depth.

Step3: Photograph or Scan Your Artwork

  • Capture a high-resolution photograph or scan of your artwork. Ensure good lighting and clarity so that the details are visible.

  • Save the image in JPEG or PNG format.

Step4: Prepare Your Personal Essay or Short Film

  • Write a brief personal essay (max 500 words) or create a short film (max 3 minutes) discussing your interpretation of the theme, the inspiration behind your artwork, and your artistic journey.

  • If you're creating a short film, ensure it's in a commonly used format like MP4 and hosted on a platform like YouTube or Vimeo.

Step5: Complete the Submission Form

  • Fill in all the required details, including your name, contact information, title of the artwork, medium used, dimensions, and a link to your essay or short film on the HH Art Submission form.

  • If you've written an essay, there might be an option to paste the text directly or upload a document. Follow the instructions provided.

Step6: Upload Your Artwork on the Submission Form

  • Click on the "Upload" button and select the photograph/scan of your artwork.

  • Ensure the file name includes your full name and the title of the artwork (e.g., "JaneDoe_HarmonyInNature.jpeg").

Step7: Delivery Locations

  • Art Teachers: Please give your artwork directly to your art teacher.

  • School Office: Artwork can be left at the main school office during regular hours. Look for the 'Harmony of Heart Art Exhibition' drop-off box.

  • Library: Drop off your artwork at the school library anytime during its open hours.


  • Local Drop-Offs: Artworks can also be dropped off at the following locations nearby.









  • Mail Option: If it's more convenient, you can mail your artwork to

​      Elsa Ouyang, 5125 Branding Iron Pl, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739.

  • Direct Contact: If you need a different arrangement, email us at to organize a delivery.


Mathnasium- The Math Learning Center

11460 Kenyon Way, Suite 105, Rancho Cucamonga, CA91701

Providence Education Group

10399 Lemon Ave, Suite 103, Rancho Cucamonga, CA91737

Beard Papa‘s (Victoria Gardens)​

12422 N. Mainstreet, Rancho Cucamonga, CA91730


Rhapsody Education

7201 Archibald #14, Rancho Cucamonga, CA91701

Step8: Packaging/Labeling

  • Make sure your artwork is safely packaged to prevent any damage during transportation. If your artwork is fragile, please indicate so clearly on the package.

  • Clearly label your submission with your full name, contact details, and the title of your artwork. This helps us in ensuring every piece is properly attributed and displayed.


Once your artwork is received, you will get a confirmation notification. Please allow a few days for processing.

We look forward to showcasing your creativity and dedication at the exhibition. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

Gratitude to Our Sponsors

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