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At PEF Programs

Enrichment Programs For  Kids K-12

Like the sparks of imagination from which dreams are formed, stars represent limitless possibilities and infinite wonder. Over the years, Polaris has come to be associated with direction and purpose, glowing bright to guide our heart's true desires.We take extra measures to ensure your children are success. The Polaris is long-term, high-level, aspirational goals that motivate, inspire, and uplift the goal-setter.

Everything you need to care for your K-G5 Elementary School Kids.


Our A+ Star program is provide more resources for junior high school students including: academics, tests, hobbies, etc.


Our Rising Star Three-Year Program beginning in sophomore year of high school, our students spend 4-6 hours per week during the school year in Polaris Education sessions with their volunteer mentors and instructors.

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