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Congratulations to our winners!

Important Notice for 1st - 3rd Award Winners and Jury Award Winners:

We are excited to celebrate your achievement at the awards ceremony for the Harmony of Hearts Young Art Exhibition! Here's what you need to know:
Date and Time: The Awards ceremony will be held on April 20th at 2:05 PM on the main stage at RC Community & Arts Festival.

Location: Victoria Gardens Cultural Center
Arrival: Please arrive at least 30 minutes early. Sign in at the Polaris Education Foundation's booth to confirm your spot.
Ceremony Duration: The ceremony will last approximately 15 minutes, so punctuality is crucial.

All Outstanding Awards Certificates: Winners of Awards can collect their certificates at our booth between 12:00PM-3:00PM.

Congratulations again to all our talented winners! We look forward to celebrating with you!

Jury Award


- Ruijun (Gavin) Pan

"Tranquil Mountain"

- Zoie Feng

"Blossoms of Unity Beneath Fuji's Gaze"

- Austin Liu

"Love in Abundance"

- Emma M. Gutierrez

"Flying Together"

- Yifei Lin

"Harmony of Hearts"

- Helen Wu

"Bunny World"

- Kaylee Tao


- Angelina Bian

"Sea Glass"

- Kate Kim

"Dream Island"

- Bertina Zhou

"Under the Sea with My Friends"

- Susie Zou

"We're all Connected"

- Emily Rose Acosta

Outstanding Award

"Peaceful and Loving World"

- Nancy Shao

"Harmony of Hearts"

- Yiyi Wang

"I am a woman, I deserve rights too!"

- Live Enoghase

"Harmony of Hearts"

- Serena Wei

"Gloomy Eyes"

- Elizabeth Zhang


- Leo Dai

"Snails in the Rain"

- Jane Zhang

"Snuggle With Mom"

- Ruoxue Qin(Ada)

"Robot Builder"

- Ivan Feng

"Let's Eat in the Garden"

- Jerry Su

"I Love Concert"

- Angeline Xie

"Our Earth"

- Amelia Ng

Outstanding Award

"Day and Night"

- Howard Wang

"My Pet Giraffe"

- Amber Zhou

"Joyful Harmony Eyes"

- Chelsea Cheng

"Cosmic Harmony Adventures"

- Anya Wang

"Cat Aliens Seek Love Plant"

- Cindy Xia

"Magic Sweet Brain"

- Allen Ma

"Family Fun"

- Theodore You

"Family Love"

- Amy Lee

"Expressing Myself Through Dance"

- Jadelynn Tran

"The Universe"

- Olivia Wang

"My Dream Band"

- Yolanda Huang

"Life Under the Sea"

- Michael Hang

Outstanding Award

"Winter's Departure, Spring's Arrival"

- Athena Shen

"A warm Light in the Deep Sea"

- Erlan Chi

"Beauty of Peace"

- Zixiao Jia

"Pepper Sorrow"

- Siyaqi Jia

"Distorted Childhood"

- Isabella Buss

"Harmony of Hearts"

- Miqiu Gao

"Peace and Nature"

- Amy Xinwei Song

"Lake Sunset"

- Walton Cui

"A Cottage Dream"

- Jasmine Wang

"Stellar Waltz"

- Lauren Chang

"Phoenix of Fire"

- Samantha Flores

"Icarus‘ Fall"

- Vicky Kong

Outstanding Award

"Different People Have Different Personality"                            - Iris Zhong

"Time With My Family"

- Samantha Wei

"Under the Rainbow"

- Milly Zhou

"Birds Singing and Flowers Fragrant"

- Alisa Hu

"Landscape Map"

- Yixin Huang

"The Royal Family"

- Michelle Wang

"Unicorn & Fairies"

- Ivanka Chu

"Rainbow Land"

- Laurie Liang

"Harmony of Hearts"

- Coco Xie

"Harmony of Hearts"

- Keya Peng

"The Galaxy of Paradise"

- Serena Liu

"Life of Harmony"

- Amy Sheng

Outstanding Award

"Me Cat and Robot"

- Gavin Hu

"Party Animals"

- Fiona Huang

"Cool Ice Cream"

- Mollie Zhang

"I Love Nature"

- Akira Termpongoisith

"Gourmet Food"

- Fiona Lu

"Being Alone"

- Savannah Wei

"Family Hiking"

- Xavier Wang

"I Love Flowers"

- Ariana Zhang

"Puppy and Her Home"

- Brian Lingyu Tian

"Ocean Waves"

- Emma Kim

"I Love Frogs"

- Siyan Lu

"Mountain Tops"

- Kate Kim

Outstanding Award

"Asian Girl"

- Jiaman Ni

"Hearts Balloons"

- Linda Huang

"Together Like Magnets"

- Hailey Kim


- Jingyang Huang

"Me and Max"

- Soffy Guo

"Galaxy Madness"

- William Deng

"Unite the World"

- Hugo Zhang

"Mucia Influence Heart"

- Min Shuo Sun

"Harmony and Love"

- Abby Dong


- Ayden Chen


- Trinity Chen

"Environment Protection Ambassador"

- Aron An

Outstanding Award

"Life Time With My Lovely Family"

- Sophia Chen

"A ’Tail" of Pets and Dreams"

- Nicole Yuan

"Harmony of Hearts"

- Tyler Chen

"United Culture"

- Elly Hsu

"Music of Harmony"

- Chloe Shi


- Lujah Li

"Paradise Life"

- Raymond Zheng

"Magic Colorful Life(DNA)"

- Olivia Zheng

"Night in Wonderland"

- Alexandria Huang

"Into the Ocean"

- Ryan Wen

"Love Under the Sea"

- Frederic Pan

"Night Sound"

- Leon Zhang

Outstanding Award

"Let's Go To Beach"

- Sophie Hu

"Breaking Away to Love"

- Anna YuJin Wang

"Loving Family Party"

- Isabella Li

"Travel with Family Girls"

- Doris Yin


- Melina Zheng


- Kerina Qi

"Magic World House"

- Andrea Zhou


- Samuel Liang


- Ashley Liao


- Olivia Liao

"Boy's World"

- Eason Qi

"New York"

- Nicolas Yang

Gratitude to Our Sponsors

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